baby flatline

still time to do it too!!

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If you were into terrariums as a kid, you're gay now. That is all. The tea has been spilt.

i’m a lot more active on my new taz tumblr than i am here atm! it’s @clydenites if anyone is interested

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when you had enough of ppl on twitter & tumblr

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Can I get a wahoo? 

Can I please get a wahoo? 

i would like........ to kiss a boy.....

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i keep thinking about men 

i'm so gay for men 

a digital painting i’ve been working on for the past few days!! it’s my second ever so i’m pretty proud of how it went

last wip for tonight bc i’m resting my back soon

have a wip shot of a painting bc art is FUN and COOL

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Waterfall changes the color of the reblog symbol permanently after you've reblogged a post at some point, and I think that's really neat.

braces talk 

so i KNOW that braces are a privilege. i know. but i still remember crying at my consultation bc my mom forcing me to get them made me think that she didn’t think my smile was good enough. also the herbst appliance literally ruined my jaw. i have chronic pain most days of the week bc of that fucker and can’t use my jaw like i used to be able to. my mouth is scarred to hell bc of this shit. fuck

love it when my dad calls me a bitch to my face!! love that

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there are two wolves inside of you. one wants long hair. one wants short hair. you are gay

past me decided that they were going to do extracurriculars and get a job and decided that stress would be future me’s problem and now it CERTAINLY IS

sometimes you get bumped into advanced placement studio art and then don’t switch out of your previous art class and realize you have 2 art classes w heavy workloads in one day and you Regret It All!!

me: oh didn’t [insert thing] happen yesterday

someone: daniel [that thing] happened 10 mins ago. 

me: oh yeah

first dnd meeting was today!! i’m so exhausted

young and dumb and also embarrassed bc people kept looking at me in the park

naiad asked:

I get colorful vibes from you

oh interesting!!

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ask meme: describe the vibes you get from me in one word. not necessary try to encompass everything in one word just think of a word throw it at me and we good

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i wouldnt have become permanently oxidized by the byproducts of cyanobacteria. rip to earths primordial atmosphere but im different